No more empty screen

For years, I’ve used this domain name to host a hash of one-off content. These might have been photos handed off to a friend, maps for Craigslist visitors, or random notes to myself. It’s been a massive soup of anonymous links with no index. The front page was generally blank, save a cheeky W3C validation badge.*

I don’t have aspirations toward a page with any greater purpose. Yet tools evolve, and I suppose I miss out by not letting the site evolve with them.

In the earliest days, I would edit html files by hand. Then, I would deposit the files here with ftp. That gave way to scp, then rsync. Then one weekend I created an automated mechanism for previewing changes locally and then pushing or rolling back with subversion. Years later, one could do worse than WordPress.

As a content management system, WordPress provides me with a nice mobile app and frees me from thinking about html. This comes at the cost of a bit of performance. Perhaps stirring CloudFlare’s CDN and a cache plugin into the mix will make that bearable.

WordPress being what it is, this site now operates as a blog without my taking steps to make it otherwise. Now that I can publish on a near whim, perhaps I’ll share more than the occasional hidden odds and ends.

* Mind, the validator indicates that this new, managed page fails validation spectacularly. I’ll wait to see how much that matters.

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